Tracking Wufoo Form Submissions in Google Analytics

I use Wufoo embedded forms on several websites, including this one. It’s a great service, but from an analytics perspective I’ve had some difficulty attributing lead sources in Google Analytics. Instead of showing where visitors originally came from (Google organic, Adwords, etc), the source for all form submissions was This is really valuable data being lost, and in this post I will show you a simple fix to get it back.
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Phone Call Attribution with Twilio and Google Universal Analytics

It’s a given – you should be tracking conversions on your website. In Google Analytics, conversions (aka “goals”) allow you to see how often visitors complete specific actions. Usually, the primary “goal” for a business is to get a new customer. This typically happens when someone either fills out a form on the website or places a phone call to the business.

This article discusses a self-hosted solution using Twilio and Google Universal Analytics for phone call attribution.
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